Cancer Patients Fear Measles

Dr. Gabriel Jung’s response to the article “For cancer patients, fear of measles has upended daily routines” Written by Elizabeth Chuck

As an oncologist, I am being asked by more of my patients about the risk of getting measles from higher incidence of cases in the community as reported recently in the media. I assure my patients that people who are older (born prior to 1957) or have immigrated from outside of the US, which are majority of my patient population, that their prior immunization or exposure will continue to give them protection. However for younger patients or those patients who are undergoing stem cell transplants where the immunity is severely impaired for a longer period, there are more risks. Vaccinating those who lack immunity should be able to contain current cases from climbing higher but health care providers and public health sectors are still finding misinformation disseminated in many parts due to work of anti-vaccine movement. More education based on scientific evidence and easily accessible communication to the public can continue to change the behavior and beliefs of people and undo the effects of anti-vaccine movement.

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