Why work at QMA?

At Queens Medical Associates, we recognize the hard work and dedication of our employees and realize they are the driving force behind our success. Our employees enjoy competitive pay and excellent benefits, along with a positive work environment built on mutual respect and professionalism.

As one of the largest hematology and oncology medical practices, Queens Medical Associates offers a range of career and growth opportunities. We also offer programs for internships, summer employment, and becoming a volunteer.

Our Culture

We honor and value all of our QMA employees.  We work respectfully by always considering one another.  We take into account the needs of others before we act.  We render thoughtful, compassionate assistance to patients, co-workers and visitors.  We have deep respect for diversity and QMA policies seek to establish goodwill for patients and employees.  We maintain exceptional conduct by demonstrating cultural sensitivity in all matters. We are together and unified in our existence as a Practice and committed to being favorably known in the community.

Continuous Encouragement

We use creativity to inspire employees to come to work every day.  We ask pivotal questions of staff to encourage active participation in crafting the workplace experience.

Doing Your Best

We admire ballet dancers, ice skaters, trapeze artists because they harness great precision and discipline in performing their craft.

Listen Fully

We listen with our ears and heart. When we are listening fully, we are building trust.  Listening makes us more approachable and open to both hearing and understanding our patients and employees.  We stop what we are doing to listen authentically because nothing else will do.

Learning Curve

QMA stimulates a desire and love for learning.  Learning comes with personal responsibility for growth and development.  No two minds are exactly alike; each has its own way of learning.  We value passionate and enthusiastic learning.  Always have an appetite for learning something new.  Seek to understand the “why this” or “why that.”


We continuously work towards having cooperation and coordination of work activities to be free of friction and conflict.  Instead, we seek compromise, common ground and remain open to agreement and disagreement. We are united in our vision for QMA but understand there will not always be uniformity in thoughts and ideas.  We respect diversity and the moral compasses of others.

Cultivating Success

We are responsible for the reputation that we acquire.  Every day we do our best to make a good name for QMA. While circumstance is not always within control, we can control how we respond.  When we strive to be honest, confident, knowledgeable and helpful in our work and personal circumstances, we will find real success.

Freedom and Independence

We value each individual’s independence, often called empowerment.  Employees are asked to wisely and selflessly work though solutions with a great deal of autonomy to achieve the delicate balance between freedom and organizational cohesion.  Unlimited freedom would be like a busy NYC street without any traffic lights – chaos.  Freedom with collaboration and communication is exhilarating.