How To Apply

We understand that applying to a position can be an investment of your time. That’s why we have done our best to help simplify the process by allowing you to email your resume and cover letter directly to our Human Resource Manager. We also recommend following us on, Facebook and Twitter  for the latest company updates.

Things to keep in mind when submitting your resume:

  • Be sure your phone number and email address are current
  • Avoid extravagant fonts, simple is always best
  • Place headings in all caps and bolded such as EXPERIENCE, EDUCATION, CERTIFICATIONS, etc.

Do your homework…

  • Learn everything you can about Queens Medical Associates (QMA). A good place to start is here on our website. You can read about our doctors, infusion center, management staff, mission statement and soon our history timeline will be in the “About” section.
  • Gather your thoughts. You should be able to answer the following questions:
    • Are you a people person?
    • Do you have patience and compassion?
    • What kind of working environment do you prefer?
    • What are your career goals?
    • Where do you feel your skills and experience would be a best fit?
  • Prepare questions for the interviewer. The time spent with us is your chance to “interview” QMA. Learn about the people you will be working with and the specific activities in which you will be responsible for. This will help you decide if Queens Medical Associates is the place for you.

What to expect

You will meet our Human Resource Manager; you also may meet the potential hiring manager(s) for the department in which you are being considered for a position.

You should be prepared to answer both general questions about your background and education, as well as specific questions about projects you have worked on or situations you have encountered in your previous employment. Try to provide as much detail as possible in your responses.

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