What happens during the screening phase of a Clinical Trial?

You will be interviewed regarding your medical history and all current medications. Screening exams, tests, procedures, physical exams will be done according to the requirements of each particular study.

These procedures were discussed in the initial interview and on the Informed Consent form. After all of the screening tests and procedures are complete, and you are considered eligible to continue according to the study guidelines, you will then start active participation in the study. Some patients may ultimately not qualify for the study.

What happens during treatment phase of a Clinical Trial?

After completing the screening process, you will be assigned the study arm medication, which may be intravenous (IV) or oral (pill) drug. Each study will have its own individual schedule, which was discussed at the initial study overview with the research team member and on the Informed Consent form. Your compliance with taking the study medication will be assessed throughout the study. If you are taking pills, you will be required to bring all study medication containers at each study visit. Depending on the study, you may be required to keep a daily diary between visits, and there may be additional testing and procedures required throughout the study.

What happens during the follow–up phase of a Clinical Trial?

At the end of the study, the study team along with the physician will do a final assessment, including a physical exam and will collect all remaining study supplies. They will also make follow-up recommendations, if appropriate. You may be contacted in the future for any new studies in which you may be interested.

Clinical Trials Info

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    The Clinical Trials Department can be reached by contacting the Director of Clinical Research, Karen Eisenberg, RN, MPS, at 718-460-2300 x 3446.