FDA Takes New Steps To Broaden Patient Participation In Cancer Clinical Trials

“Some cancers are now being referred to as chronic diseases due to the advent of new cancer treatments.  In turn, this means we need to re-evaluate generic protocol inclusion/exclusion criteria. As you may know, inclusion/exclusion criteria are some of the rules by which patients are accepted into or excluded from a clinical trial.

Improvements like the lessening of exclusion criteria happen when professionals come together and recommend changes that will benefit patients. We applaud this effort to get more patients into cancer clinical trials.  After all, the entire purpose of clinical trials is the development of effective treatments for those who will benefit from new therapies.”

In response to article; by Karen Eisenberg RN, MPS – Director of Clinical Research


FDA In Brief: FDA takes new steps to broaden patient participation in cancer clinical trials, advancing policies to promote inclusion of pediatric patients and patients with medical conditions that can occur alongside cancer

Cited from https://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/Newsroom/FDAInBrief/ucm633202.htm

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